As a professional in the real estate industry for the past seventeen years on both the wholesale and retail side, I have worked with many realtors. Randy Brown is by far the best realtor that I have had the pleasure of working with. Randy has proven time and again that he is a knowledgeable realtor who understands how to advocate for his clients. His superior work ethic, expertise, and communication skills make him a valuable commodity for clients looking to buy or sell a home. The thing that really sets Randy apart from others is his willingness and ability to work with, and alongside, mortgage brokers. Too often realtors and loan brokers work as separate entities even though they are working for the same client. Randy has great working relationships with his loan brokers and has found a way to integrate the two sides seamlessly. His methodology ensures successful outcomes and happy clients.

— Jennifer Heddy

I listed a home with Randy for short sale. I think we completed the sale in less than 60 days, which is virtually unheard of. Randy knows how to get things done. He is very professional, friendly, and above all showed an honest sincerity in all my dealings with him. He stays involved in the community and he has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the local real estate market. I recommend him highly.

— Manual

We live out of state and Randy was very good at selling our condo in Turlock, CA. and and helping us find a house in Turlock. When little thing came up in the purchase of the house he was able to take care of the problems very quickly.

— Cheryl Walter

Randy knew what I was looking for before I knew what I was looking for, and had my back before I even knew I was in trouble. It was great to have his expertise when looking for a property because I could rely on him to give me accurate information. I look at homes all day, every day at my job, so I felt I had a solid grasp on the market when I first started looking, yet I found myself asking more and more for Randy’s opinion as the process went on, as it was always extremely helpful. I was in the market for a home in a good neighborhood that needed just enough repairs to drop its price down and keep me from competing with cash-only investors who were constantly beating me out at every turn. I realized I needed to move fast and Randy responded accordingly, getting me in front of new homes on the market just as quickly as they popped up. Eventually, he found me one, a short sale in a great neighborhood that couldn’t have been a better deal. The only problem was that the two banks we had to deal with both had extremely short timelines, and a ton of paperwork. Fortunately, I had Randy as my agent. Everything that could have gone wrong did. I lacked a fax and scanner at my workplace, one of the banks wanted to foreclose, documents wouldn’t open through email and so had to be faxed through friends and family, and the different entities we were working with were all located in a scattered location so long drives were needed to deliver anything and everything. There were so many points and times were I strongly wondered if I was going to get this dream house at all. However, I wasn’t as worried as I could have been, because I knew that the people on my side were doing everything in their power to make this happen. And, thankfully, it did happen. I purchased the perfect home for me, and I never can imagine having done so without the help I received. Randy never left me wondering, hanging, or even thinking that I was being neglected. I would recommend Randy as an agent to anyone who needs a job done right, well, and professional.

— Travis Bughi

Randy was God’s gift to me during the process of purchasing my first home. I complained, barked, borderline verbally abused this poor man. I went through some nightmarish and frustrating situations in purchasing a forclosure. Patience was not my virtue to say the least. Randy patiently listened to my frustration as well as went to bat for me as if it was his purchase. I will use him for my next purchase for sure and recommend him to anyone, whether its your first time purchasing or not!

— Steven Fletcher

My mortgage was underwater and someone had recommended Randy to me for a possible short sale. We met and discussed the pros and cons of the sale and decided to go ahead with it. He was extremely dependable and kept me up to date with all of the proceedings. In addition he was very sensitive to my needs and sense of privacy during the sale. I would highly recommend Randy to anyone in need of a realtor for any reason.

— Rob

Randy represented my family and I in 2007. His attention to detail was incredible and I never had to worry about him being there on time and ready to show my home. I would without doubt work with Randy Brown again in the future.

— Tony Avila

Randy has been our agent for my last 6 purchases and sales and I’m going to have him list my next sale. He has always been upfront and honest with everything along the way. He is a great negotiator. Our most recent purchase (our own house) was especially difficult. Randy never wavered in his duty of looking out for us. One of Randy’s best traits is his desire to do his best for each and every deal. He works tirelessly for us. I recommend every time I have the chance.

Tim Bughi

Randy helped me buy my house in Dublin. He was recommended to me. Randy was extremely helpful and went “above and beyond” in every step of the home purchase. He first showed houses we were interested in using video calls as my husband and I were moving back to the Bay Area from Singapore. During those video calls, Randy proved particularly skilled in noting features and craftsmanship of each home and showing them to us. From negotiating the offer to the closing, Randy worked tirelessly with the owner’s agents, mortgage and title folks. Always positive and calm, he negotiated the complicated and lengthy purchase with knowledge and finesse. On moving day, he even sent pizza. Thank you Randy!